Our Services

The services offered by the Suicide Prevention Foundation are for anyone who is having problems, feeling down, sad, etc. Our Suicide Prevention site is also for people suffering from depression. We can provide you with information or contact information for people who can listen and help. Hopefully, if you are reading this, you’re just going through a period of normal human unhappiness due to some personal problem or event. The most likely outcome is that you will feel back to your normal self very soon. 


Telephone Service

We provide a nationwide free call dial in telephone service providing a 12 minute recorded information service emphasising the fact that nearly all suicidal ideas are due to stress and depression, describing the symptoms of depression, encouraging the caller to seek treatment, offering advice for immediate intervention, and insisting the illness can be cured.



1800 465 366


Web Services

The Foundation has a number of information web sites which have been developed to provide a further means of assisting people address their issues and providing support:








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